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Faraway. Luigi Fieni, photographies from Mustang

30.V – 17.VI, Resto Pod Norenami, Krakow, Krupnicza 6

Organizers: Zofia Weiss Gallery, Schools Faraway, Krakow Photo Fringe

Tibetan Mustang, medieval kingdom lying behindthe snow capped Himalayaneight-thousanders,delights with the infinity of space and the colors of rocks subjected to the endless process of erosion. The landscape of the mountain desert allows to experience impermanence lasting for hundreds of years. The mind opens up and pieces together the fragments of the whole. A sacred dance (Tib. Ch’am) creates a sacred space free of defilements and evil. The dynamic movement of the dancers symbolizes the power and rhythm of life, the constant struggle with the forces of darkness.

Luigi Fieni, a photographer and restorer of Tibetan sacred art, escapes to free impressions and his own interpretation of photographed places, spaces and rituals. His works were presented in the Vatican Museums, in private galleries in the USA, in Europe and Asia. In 2014 the Manggha Museum in Krakow began its jubilee year with an individual exhibition of the artist.